Monday, October 25, 2010

October Too Chilly for An Outdoor Wedding?

Our wedding day will be in October of 2012.

Why? Because we both love the fall and how beautiful the leaves are with they change to bright reds, oranges and golds. October has some warm days and some really chilly ones, and when it's warm its NICE and when its chilly, it's not as pleasant.  It's not like were having our wedding in a warm climate, so I am getting a little concerned that our guests and us will freeze our piggies off at our October wedding. We plan on having an outdoor ceremony and a tented receptions.  If that wasn't enough we were looking to have an evening event or at least late afternoon. Maybe I'm putting to much thought into it.  I guess we hope for the best and plan for the worst.

Anyone else having a fall or winter wedding? How are you preparing?


  1. i would love to have an october wedding but my birthday is in october and i don't share well! lol! i think my only concern would be even if the weather is nice during the day in the fall, once the sun goes down, the heat goes with it! it might get chilly...

  2. my birthday is in October too! but that's the best time to have a fall wedding. September is too soon (leaves don't turn yet) and November may be too chilly for an outdoor wedding plus November is my gfs bday.

  3. lol, yall just a fall couple huh? october 2012 would be perfect for my wedding. my birthday is 10/11 so the date 10/11/12 is, but then i would have to share my birthday.

  4. Ok. I can see it being really beautiful! But,I have a definite opinion on fall weddings. If it's outside-- and cold, please have heaters (a la The L Word winter wedding in Canada that Shane skipped out on). Or better yet, nice shalls for the guests to wrap up in as a favor. For our summer wedding, we're concerned about guests being hot so we are taking that into consideration with our food choices and events as well. Keep us posted on how this develops!

  5. @Foxy...yup, we are just all about fall! lol. i'm selfish too, i wouldn't want to share my bday with my wedding day...that's how people justify just getting one gift!lol

    @Tamara...i'm with the shall idea! simply because the ceremony itself will be outside (near water and not under a tent). October is funny in terms of weather, you never know what to expect. For example, for the past 3 days its been quite warm, now today it's freezing! smh. i guess for a wedding everything is cool except for rain.