Thursday, October 28, 2010

Pride Jewelry

While I'm not a fan of rainbow merchandise, I have been looking for a little rainbow jewelry to show my pride. So I was checking out Love and Pride because they have a collection of pride jewelry that even works for my discriminating tastes. Here are my favorite items.  I really like the yin yang pendant.  My gf can take the one with the black rope and I will wear the one with the pink rope.  Yup, I know that's so gay! LOL


With this standout piece, you are sure to show your Love and Pride! Tags are a stunning 925 silver with a rainbow enamel that radiates through the word Love and provides the perfect amount of color and personality. This piece measures 1 1/2 inches by 3/4 of an inch wide and hangs on a 22 inch chain.


A new twist of a familiar symbol! This yin yang style pendant, made of stainless steel and adorned with pink enamel female insignias, shows a real statement of style. With a hint of pink, the pendant is feminine, yet striking! The two pieces fit together perfectly, and are attached to black and pink cotton cords. The perfect accessory for any woman's style! Special Offer! Free sample of exclusive "L" eau de Parfum included with purchase of this item.


Enjoy your inner wild side with these dazzling earrings! Inspired by the characters on True Blood, these infinity shaped earrings represent the infinite lives the vampires lead. 120 true rubies totaling 3.15ct are carefully placed to cover this earring with sheer elegance. Earrings measure 1.5" in diameter.

You can find this jewelry and more at Love and Pride!

Love Peace and Hope jewelry

INSPIRATION: Pretty in Pink

Pink is my favorite color.  Here's how pink goes sophisticated for a wedding...

Monday, October 25, 2010

October Too Chilly for An Outdoor Wedding?

Our wedding day will be in October of 2012.

Why? Because we both love the fall and how beautiful the leaves are with they change to bright reds, oranges and golds. October has some warm days and some really chilly ones, and when it's warm its NICE and when its chilly, it's not as pleasant.  It's not like were having our wedding in a warm climate, so I am getting a little concerned that our guests and us will freeze our piggies off at our October wedding. We plan on having an outdoor ceremony and a tented receptions.  If that wasn't enough we were looking to have an evening event or at least late afternoon. Maybe I'm putting to much thought into it.  I guess we hope for the best and plan for the worst.

Anyone else having a fall or winter wedding? How are you preparing?

10.25: Say I Do Diaries: Things Have Been Slow

Things have been slow on the wedding planning front.  Simply because life (outside of wedding planning) has been pretty hectic.  We are still on track of course, plus with a 2012 wedding we still have wiggle room.  I think now what we need is a timeline and we discussed sitting down at least once a week just to discuss wedding stuff (hasn't happened yet).  2012 gives us ample planning time, but I know it will be here before we know it!

I also need a book, kinda like a scrapbook so I can place picture of the things and colors I want for the wedding. This will help give my partner and I as well as the vendors we work with a visual idea of what we are looking for.  I think the vendors will appreciate this plus by doing this we make sure we don't forget any detail!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

October Is GLBT History Month!

With so much going on this month, I had almost forgotten that this is GLBT History Month! Yes, shame on me! For a great and informative tribute to LGBT pioneers, entrepreneurs, activists and leaders head on over to:

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Candy Buffets Make Every One Smile!

Candy Buffets are all the rage in weddings these days. candy buffets range from very simple and sweet to elegant displays that would make anyone's jaw drop in awe.

What I love love about candy buffets is that there is so much you can do with a small budget. I think that a candy hour could even replace a cocktail hour and be a lot less expensive. Of course, they can be incorporated into the reception as well but the point is here the options are wide with a candy buffet.

Here is how to execute a simple candy buffet, its as easy as 1-2-3!

Decide When
When will you display your sweet assortment? In lieu of a traditional cocktail hour, at the wedding itself or at the reception? You can use a candy buffet to "buy time". For example, if you have a late afternoon wedding you might have a candy buffet selection prior to the nuptials. Giving guests time to satisfy their sweet tooth while the wedding party gets ready. The choice is up to you. Whenever during your big day that you place your candy buffet be sure to allow time for the guests to enjoy it and even possibly provide small bags or boxes that guests can take home a few of their favorite treats.

Color & Style
How sweet would it be to infuse your wedding colors into your buffet? Red and white wedding? Then you will have all red and white candy. A color themed candy buffet is both creative and eye catching. Or, you can do certain candy types like candy found at a movie theater, nostalgia candy, etc... It's your wedding, have fun with it!

A final note to consider is how you want your buffet to look. You can have a big round table or several rectangle tables. You can use glass or porcelain to display your candy. You can use small chalk board signs to let guests know the type of candy displayed or small tent cards.

The best thing about a candy buffet is that there really are no rules. This is a modern trend with not rooted in tradition, so you don't "have to" do things a certain way.

Need inspiration for your candy buffet? Look no further...




Monday, October 11, 2010

Four Weddings

I recently had the opportunity to view the show Four Weddings on TLC. For those who aren't in the know (like I was up until about a day ago) Four Weddings is a show where 4 brides judge each others weddings in hopes of having the best wedding and being awarded the grand prize...a honeymoon! Essentially, the brides attend each others wedding and vote on the overall experience, the dress, the food and the venue.

While I enjoyed watching the show I couldn't ignore the huge potential for bias as well as the lack of any same-sex couples on the show. However, the producers figured out a way to control the bias and ensure accurate results by having the brides rank first, second and third place for most of the categories. While it was a fun show to watch, everyone has different personalities so by default likes, dislikes and wedding styles were totally different. What one bride loved another despised.

So I got to thinking...would I do a reality show like this? And while I'm not the reality show type of gal, I think I would do this show. I get to attend 3 weddings, eat good food, have fun and possibly win a honeymoon? Count me in!

Are reality shows something you would do? If so, which reality shows would you be interested in?

Thursday, October 7, 2010

10.7.10 INSPIRATION: Champagne Reception

On a budget? Check out this great idea for a simple but fun reception courtesy of Project Wedding. I love this because it goes to show that you don't have to spend tens of thousands of dollars on a wedding. Remember, a wedding is a celebration of love not a means to go broke.

For the complete story visit:

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Favors, Trinkets & Other Such Things...

My recent excitement over the 50% off sale over at The Knot Wedding Shop got me thinking about purchasing things for a wedding (or any other occasion) that will have little or no value to the recipient or any use after the event.  For example, we all attend weddings, parties, etc... and receive a small gift or goodie bag and while it's nice; most of the time it simply winds up in the trash or forgotten about in some dusty corner of the house.  The sad part is, that someone spent a good chunk of change on your forgotten prize.

I don't want to do that.

I want almost everything for my wedding to have a use that surpasses that one day.  So I am very hesitant to invest in cute little trinkets that wind up being "throw-aways" or "forgotten abouts".   Don't get me wrong I am a fan of cutesy favors and trinkets but when it comes to spending my money, I want to ensure that I get the most bang for my buck.

So what did I find that I thought was a great buy? Here are my top 5!

Unity Sand

Unity Sand Ceremony Vase Set
So my gf wants a Unity Candle for our wedding. Cool. But the fact that it once the wedding is over the candle gets tossed or forgotten about...not so cool.  So when I found this Unity Sand Set I thought we just have to have it.  Here's why I like it:
  1. We can incorporate our wedding colors
  2. We can keep it forever as a symbol of our commitment and our wedding day
  3. It's a great conversation piece
  4. It's soooo pretty!!


LOVE Bubble Tubes - White/Pink
I do love bubbles!  And I really love these because they are 50% off at The Knot, they come in a variety of colors and styles as well.  Did I say they are 50% off?  I get 48 of these for just $6!!  This is great since we will have kids at our wedding PLUS the bubbles dissolve when they hit the ground so no mess!  And the tubes are recyclable! 

Blume Box

Blume Box
These are cute little pop-up vases that can be used as centerpieces which guests can take home.  What a treat!  These vases are affordable (2.99 on sale) and make great gifts for your guests.  They do double duty as decoration and as gifts.  Love it!


Personalized Matchbooks
Not an uncommon favor, but I think its certainly useful.  Even as a non-smoker I do have a need for matches.  And what a great way to remember a special occasion than with personalized matchbooks?  The Knot has a great deal on them, just $18 for 100. This isn't mandatory, but certainly not a budget buster and will most likely be put to good use.

Personalized Chocolates!!

Personalized HERSHEY'S MINIATURES® Chocolates
Both my gf and I are chocolate lovers! I just can't image not having a few of Hershey chocolate with our personalized wrappers on them at each guests place setting on our wedding day.  I just think its a wonderful touch and sooo cute! I can't imagine these lasting for very long. Plus you can get 100 for $30!

Visit The Knot Wedding Shop for all these products and others.  Also check out for some cute finds too!

Save With The Knot Wedding Shop

I'm a big fan of a sale!  I love getting discounts on things that I can use and need...and I think most people do as well.  So I would be remiss if I didn't announce that The Knot Wedding Shop is holding a 50% off sale off of many popular wedding supplies.  Do check it out (I think some of the pricing is below cost...bad for them, but good for us!). Just click on the image below or click here to browse the items on sale.

Wedding Supplies at The Knot Wedding Shop

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

And The Winner Is (Drumroll Please...)

Jeanette and Theresa!!!!

Are the winners of our cutest couples contest!!! With a whopping 161 votes!!  Congrats ladies!  Of course they are the lucky winners of a special treat from the Lollipop Chef.  6 mouth-watering lollipop brownies will be to their door courtesy of Say I Do! and the Lollipop Chef!

Thank you and congrats to all our couples who were all just lovely and a round of applause for their participation!!!

*Winners will be contacted in 5-7 business days; however, if you are the winner feel free to reach out to us and claim your prize!