Thursday, September 16, 2010

INSPIRATION: Creativity & Style

There is A LOT of inspiration on this blog! Check it out!

I've had about 10 tabs open on my browser for the past week of wonderful wedding ideas that I kept telling myself I would look at it later.  Well, now is later and the creativity behind some of the wedding ideas is truly amazing.

A wedding is one of the few times where its perfectly acceptable and expected for it to be all about you. I think that's exactly what a wedding should be, it would be fake if it wasn't.  There are many color schemes and themes that are not my style but I can't help but to admire how well done it is, making for a fab shindig.  I'm also learning how lighting done right can be a beautiful yet inexpensive way to decorate any venue.  So here's what I've seen around the web that I think is beautiful. 

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More pink/black/platinum inspiration

Monday, September 13, 2010

Has It Been Over A Week?

Funny how times flies! I haven't posted in over a week! But don't worry, I will be back at it in a few days.  I have some great stuff and news to share with you!

Happy Monday!

Sunday, September 5, 2010

9.5.2010 Diary: No Thank You...We Will Pass On Your Advice...

That's what my gf said when I presented her with the idea of having a bowl asking for people to give advice to the newly married couple (us, of course) at our wedding.  This was so funny to me simply because whenever I ask my gf a question, I rarely get a definitive yes or no.  It's usually, "whatever you want to do, babe", but when I asked her about this I got a loud and clear "NO!"  LOL!

I was inspired by the picture on the right, which I thought was a good idea. But my gf clearly pointed out that most people in her family aren't in happy relationships and/or are on marriage #3.  And I can honestly say that most people in my family aren't in relationships, period.  As the saying goes, never take advice from anyone you wouldn't want to trade places with.  Asking someone who never had a strong, happy and fruitful relationship about how to have a great marriage is like asking a poor man how to be rich.  I still think this is a great idea, especially if you have people whom you know can provide good insight and tips.  But for our wedding, it's a no-go.

But here are some ideas that we plan on using:

What an awesome idea!  A coloring book for the kiddies to give them something to do...if even for just a few minutes.
Of course, the cover would be different!  But this is genius and simple!

These are memory candles. What an awesome way to honor the memory of loved ones who have departed.  I want to do this in honor of my mom.  I figure we can do a few and my sisters and brothers can each take one.

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Thursday, September 2, 2010


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A Wedding In The Clouds!

BREAKING NEWS: SAS Airlines is now offering same-sex couples the opportunity to say "I Do!" in the clouds.  That's right, couples can tie the knot in their exclusive wedding lounge.  Onboard flight SK903 from Stockholm to New York one lucky couple can proclaim there love and land (literally) a sweet honeymoon package that will have them living it up from coast to coast!

Here is the official word from the SAS site:

"In December, SAS hopes to host the world's first same-sex wedding in the air! On a flight from Stockholm to New York, we will let love take over and wed one loving couple, hopefully making it one of the world's first gay-themed flights.

The lucky couple who will spread their love worldwide will win an exclusive wedding and honeymoon package that includes Business class flights with SAS to New York, three nights at one of New York's most luxurious hotels, the W Hotel, and then flights to Los Angeles to enjoy another three nights at the fabulous Andaz West Hollywood, as well as some of the best dining, nightlife and pampering West Hollywood has to offer, resulting in a glamorous West Hollywood honeymoon experience."

For our jet-setting couples, this might not be a bad way to jump the broom!  For more information visit:

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

9.1.2010 Diary: "You're A Prepared Bride"

That's what I was told when we went to the Dandelion Patch to look at save-the-date cards.  We wound up going on Monday instead of Saturday.  We didn't make an appointment as they advise, we just walked in and looked through a few books.  They had about five or six bookshelves full of binders with invitation samples. I didn't see any invitations that featured a same-sex wedding...maybe that was in a different book. But I digress.  I can see how people can get overwhelmed with the simple task of picking out invitations.

We saw a few we liked.  I would prefer our save-the-dates be something that people won't be inclined to just toss after they read it, something memorable.  My thought was a bookmark, but my gf came up with an even better idea, magnets!  So as things go we are now on the hunt for save-the-date magnets!

While at the Dandelion Patch one of the consultants asked our wedding date, I replied 2012.  Another bride says to me "you're a prepared bride!"  I would like to hope that is the case.  We have plenty of time but yet time flies so I am going to get busy creating my time line for the wedding, which I will let me know what I should be doing and when. 

But back the magnets. Etsy, a favorite online shopping portal of mine has some great indie stuff. I found some cool magnets at a much lower cost than the save-the-dates we were looking at.  Here are a few pictures:

There are so many to choose from.  What's your favorite?