10,000 Couples

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10,000 Couples is a e-magazine representing same-sex couples around the globe.


10,000 Couples was created in October 2009 as an online magazine, or e-magazine, dedicated to celebrating, affirming, and strengthening the commitment of gay and lesbian couples to one another and to their relationships. We hope to gather strength, inspire couples still finding each other, and provide a more accurate picture than the distorted and distorting imagery so often used to represent same-sex relationships. We are -- and always have been -- in positive, healthy, and joy-filled relationships, and it is time those images get equal attention and equal care.

Not in a relationship? No problem, we have information to help you find your dream or get over the nightmare from your last one.

And if you're straight but looking for ways to support and advocate for healthy LGBT unions, we welcome you, too!

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We strive to reflect the best of our lives through stories, profiles, articles, commentary, and news. Thanks for taking this journey with us! And please don't be shy: become a member, send us your feedback, follow us on Twitter, tell your friends and family about your community, and do make sure your email listing stays up to date