Awesome DIY Ideas


Brings out the kid in everyone. 

This great DIY idea can be found here
Hint: The bottles are Starbucks  Frappuccino®  bottles found in any grocery store.
The lids can be spray painted to a color of your choice.


This little shot of love will send your guests threw the roof.
Our concoction consists simply of Welches Sparkling Raspberry Limeade. Feel free to use pink lemonade and even add a little alcohol to your mix!
We love the Sparkling Raspberry Limeade option as it fizzes up just like a potion! Perfect for those guests who don't drink alcohol.

Love Potion bottles can be purchased online at Save on Crafts or at your local craft store such as Micheal's.

Add a personalized label or tag and you have your own love potion #9.

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