Tuesday, September 3, 2013

The Icing on the Cake

Say I Do! isn't in the business of same-sex weddings...not exclusively. That may come as quite a shock to some, since we do produce wedding expo's for same-sex couples (and we love doing it!). Yes, we believe in marriage, marriage equality and helping you to create a special day to celebrate your love. But that's just the icing. We care about what comes after "i do" as much as the day you say "i do"!

What we are in the business of is relationships...because what's a relationship without a strong foundation? 

Weddings are awesome, amazing and we so do adore them. But in the span of time two people spend together, its a beautiful blink of the eye. It's the relationship that needs to be fostered, nourished and maintained...that is the hard work but also the most rewarding.

This is why we have workshops at our events that not only address wedding "stuff" but also financial and legal "stuff" that will help you secure your relationship. This is why we hold tele-seminars on topics important to couples.  Because its the relationship that truly matters.  Our job is to bring you resources for our community and connect you with experts and professionals who understand the unique needs of our community. This is what we are about and this is what you can expect to see more of in the future.

So we invite you to join us, we need your input and feedback to help us bring more relevant content for LGBT families. We created an "insider" program so we can better serve you and meet your needs. Just like your marriage or committed relationship...we're in it for the long haul! We know the issues LGBT couples face aren't limited to just finding great LGBT-friendly professionals for their wedding. We also lack in resources on how to build and sustain healthy relationships. We are here to help you celebrate your love and help you navigate all the ups and downs relationships bring. Join us as an insider and become part of the movement