Wednesday, September 1, 2010

9.1.2010 Diary: "You're A Prepared Bride"

That's what I was told when we went to the Dandelion Patch to look at save-the-date cards.  We wound up going on Monday instead of Saturday.  We didn't make an appointment as they advise, we just walked in and looked through a few books.  They had about five or six bookshelves full of binders with invitation samples. I didn't see any invitations that featured a same-sex wedding...maybe that was in a different book. But I digress.  I can see how people can get overwhelmed with the simple task of picking out invitations.

We saw a few we liked.  I would prefer our save-the-dates be something that people won't be inclined to just toss after they read it, something memorable.  My thought was a bookmark, but my gf came up with an even better idea, magnets!  So as things go we are now on the hunt for save-the-date magnets!

While at the Dandelion Patch one of the consultants asked our wedding date, I replied 2012.  Another bride says to me "you're a prepared bride!"  I would like to hope that is the case.  We have plenty of time but yet time flies so I am going to get busy creating my time line for the wedding, which I will let me know what I should be doing and when. 

But back the magnets. Etsy, a favorite online shopping portal of mine has some great indie stuff. I found some cool magnets at a much lower cost than the save-the-dates we were looking at.  Here are a few pictures:

There are so many to choose from.  What's your favorite?


  1. i know! that's what makes it soooo hard.

  2. i like the film one! its kinda cool and funky...

  3. I agree Foxy. it's unique and memorable, which I think is exactly what save the dates should be!