Monday, October 11, 2010

Four Weddings

I recently had the opportunity to view the show Four Weddings on TLC. For those who aren't in the know (like I was up until about a day ago) Four Weddings is a show where 4 brides judge each others weddings in hopes of having the best wedding and being awarded the grand prize...a honeymoon! Essentially, the brides attend each others wedding and vote on the overall experience, the dress, the food and the venue.

While I enjoyed watching the show I couldn't ignore the huge potential for bias as well as the lack of any same-sex couples on the show. However, the producers figured out a way to control the bias and ensure accurate results by having the brides rank first, second and third place for most of the categories. While it was a fun show to watch, everyone has different personalities so by default likes, dislikes and wedding styles were totally different. What one bride loved another despised.

So I got to thinking...would I do a reality show like this? And while I'm not the reality show type of gal, I think I would do this show. I get to attend 3 weddings, eat good food, have fun and possibly win a honeymoon? Count me in!

Are reality shows something you would do? If so, which reality shows would you be interested in?

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