Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Favors, Trinkets & Other Such Things...

My recent excitement over the 50% off sale over at The Knot Wedding Shop got me thinking about purchasing things for a wedding (or any other occasion) that will have little or no value to the recipient or any use after the event.  For example, we all attend weddings, parties, etc... and receive a small gift or goodie bag and while it's nice; most of the time it simply winds up in the trash or forgotten about in some dusty corner of the house.  The sad part is, that someone spent a good chunk of change on your forgotten prize.

I don't want to do that.

I want almost everything for my wedding to have a use that surpasses that one day.  So I am very hesitant to invest in cute little trinkets that wind up being "throw-aways" or "forgotten abouts".   Don't get me wrong I am a fan of cutesy favors and trinkets but when it comes to spending my money, I want to ensure that I get the most bang for my buck.

So what did I find that I thought was a great buy? Here are my top 5!

Unity Sand

Unity Sand Ceremony Vase Set
So my gf wants a Unity Candle for our wedding. Cool. But the fact that it once the wedding is over the candle gets tossed or forgotten about...not so cool.  So when I found this Unity Sand Set I thought we just have to have it.  Here's why I like it:
  1. We can incorporate our wedding colors
  2. We can keep it forever as a symbol of our commitment and our wedding day
  3. It's a great conversation piece
  4. It's soooo pretty!!


LOVE Bubble Tubes - White/Pink
I do love bubbles!  And I really love these because they are 50% off at The Knot, they come in a variety of colors and styles as well.  Did I say they are 50% off?  I get 48 of these for just $6!!  This is great since we will have kids at our wedding PLUS the bubbles dissolve when they hit the ground so no mess!  And the tubes are recyclable! 

Blume Box

Blume Box
These are cute little pop-up vases that can be used as centerpieces which guests can take home.  What a treat!  These vases are affordable (2.99 on sale) and make great gifts for your guests.  They do double duty as decoration and as gifts.  Love it!


Personalized Matchbooks
Not an uncommon favor, but I think its certainly useful.  Even as a non-smoker I do have a need for matches.  And what a great way to remember a special occasion than with personalized matchbooks?  The Knot has a great deal on them, just $18 for 100. This isn't mandatory, but certainly not a budget buster and will most likely be put to good use.

Personalized Chocolates!!

Personalized HERSHEY'S MINIATURES® Chocolates
Both my gf and I are chocolate lovers! I just can't image not having a few of Hershey chocolate with our personalized wrappers on them at each guests place setting on our wedding day.  I just think its a wonderful touch and sooo cute! I can't imagine these lasting for very long. Plus you can get 100 for $30!

Visit The Knot Wedding Shop for all these products and others.  Also check out for some cute finds too!


  1. Okay. So I feel the same way about favors. So I suggested a candy buffet (everybody likes candy) or simply a cupcake to go. I've seen the candy buffet in action and it was so much fun. Can you imagine adults going ga ga over now & laters, mary janes, or tootsie rolls. Those candy bars from Hershey are a great find. And while I like bubbles I feel like I should be doing something else with the container. The unity sand is gorgeous. I've never seen it with multiple colors and I imagine those containers would be great vases later on. Good finds!

  2. great thoughts! as a matter of fact we are considering a Candy Buffet as well. I think a cupcake to go is a great idea! hmmm...Candy Buffets seems to be quite popular these days, I think I will blog about that soon :-)