Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Candy Buffets Make Every One Smile!

Candy Buffets are all the rage in weddings these days. candy buffets range from very simple and sweet to elegant displays that would make anyone's jaw drop in awe.

What I love love about candy buffets is that there is so much you can do with a small budget. I think that a candy hour could even replace a cocktail hour and be a lot less expensive. Of course, they can be incorporated into the reception as well but the point is here the options are wide with a candy buffet.

Here is how to execute a simple candy buffet, its as easy as 1-2-3!

Decide When
When will you display your sweet assortment? In lieu of a traditional cocktail hour, at the wedding itself or at the reception? You can use a candy buffet to "buy time". For example, if you have a late afternoon wedding you might have a candy buffet selection prior to the nuptials. Giving guests time to satisfy their sweet tooth while the wedding party gets ready. The choice is up to you. Whenever during your big day that you place your candy buffet be sure to allow time for the guests to enjoy it and even possibly provide small bags or boxes that guests can take home a few of their favorite treats.

Color & Style
How sweet would it be to infuse your wedding colors into your buffet? Red and white wedding? Then you will have all red and white candy. A color themed candy buffet is both creative and eye catching. Or, you can do certain candy types like candy found at a movie theater, nostalgia candy, etc... It's your wedding, have fun with it!

A final note to consider is how you want your buffet to look. You can have a big round table or several rectangle tables. You can use glass or porcelain to display your candy. You can use small chalk board signs to let guests know the type of candy displayed or small tent cards.

The best thing about a candy buffet is that there really are no rules. This is a modern trend with not rooted in tradition, so you don't "have to" do things a certain way.

Need inspiration for your candy buffet? Look no further...

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  1. Would you go with all pink candies or simply stick with pink and black decor with whatever candy you want? Our colors are green and white and I am thinking some of those candies (apple, mint, or watermelon) could have an unappealing taste.

  2. i think i would try to incorporate all the colors into the buffet. i mean for the platinum, I can see Hershey Kisses because of the silver wrapper. for the black i can see dark chocolate.

    I think apple and watermelon candy is yummy! Not a huge mint fan though, but many people are! you can do a lot with white chocolate too!