Sunday, April 17, 2011

Love Portrait: Nekita and Toni

We are excited to share the love stories of our Cutest Couple Contestants!
Featured Couple: Nekita and Toni of Alabama who married on July 16, 2010 in Springfield, VT.

The Meeting...
We meet a local club here in town, I was meeting friends for a "girls nite out" and I was early, I was sitting at a table and noticed her looking at me, but she didn't come over, so I pretended like I was looking for my lighter (I knew where it was, LOL) and she came over, gave me a light and introduced herself." We've been together for 8 years.

The Proposal...
We were having dinner, and Toni just looked up at Nekita and said "marry me." "I playfully replied " I can't marry don't have any money !" She said " I have enough for you.......and I'll make damn sure that you will never want for anything." Oh man, the tears started, and I was gone after that !

Two Hearts Become One...
We decided to get married because we are in love with each other, didn't want anyone else, wanted to share our lives with each other, wanted to have a life commitment to each other and wanted to share it with our friends and family, and raise a family together.


  1. I Love your sweet love story. You both have my vote (~_~)!!!

  2. Mine too! You know I LOVE this pic too! Best wishes to you both! Lots of good luck!!!

  3. Nekita & Toni, you've got my vote for sure. You guys make a great couple and I love ya' like a sister and, well another sister.

  4. Sounds wonderful. you got my vote.