Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Love Portrait: Katrina and Toni

The meeting...
I am an author of lesbian fiction and one day I noticed this person named Toni sent me a friend request me and I really didn't think anything of it at first. The same evening, Toni posted a poem on my wall and I was blown away by it! That hardly ever happens because, as a writer being in the publishing field, you can imagine I read tons of poems. But there was something about her poem that gave me goosebumps and a strange sense of deja vu! I knew I just had to find out more about her, although I did so secretly and very quietly. Toni eventually contacted me wanting information on publishing her first book and we spoke very briefly on the phone, but my interest was already piqued at that point.

The Connection...
Things started to take off quickly after that, we had a very intense connection. What's funny I had told myself I was going to give up on finding a great relationship because I'd been met with such disappointment in the past. We met for the first time in person on Valentines day. That weekend we spent together was like something out of a movie; deeply romantic and fun! We went on a cruise through the gulf of Mexico and I remember looking at some of the older couples on board and I turned to her and said "I'd like for that to be us someday." She smiled at me, took my hand and said "I think I could arrange that."

The Future...
Ever since then we have been building towards a beautiful future together. Toni and I complement each other so well it wa like we were designed for each other! We hope to someday settle down in San Francico, buy a beautiful, old Victorian home and move our kids plus maybe a crazy cat and dog or two into it to live happily ever after!

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