Thursday, April 28, 2011

Love Portrait: Davone and Tiffany

We are delighted to bring you yet another love portrait. This time we get a glimpse into Davone an Tiffany's story. They are currently in the running to be our Cutest Couple, to vote for them click here to visit the contest page.

A 2008 Love Affair...
Our love affair dates back to 2 years ago in 2008. We met through Dollhouse Enterprises Inc., a social networking company for lesbians and bisexuals in which Davone is CEO and Founder. Tiffany emailed Davone regarding a few events she was interested in attending and they immediately began to date after that. Davone instantly knew Tiffany was something special. Tiffany told Davone she found her to be beautiful, smart, funny, ambitious, and down right sexy. Davone found Tiffany to be extremely attractive, intelligent, and so warm and giving. They had so much in common and conversations between them were never dull. Tiffany was hesitant to tell Davone her age as she knew Davone would have an issue with Tiffany being 27 years old and Davone was 35 at the time. It took Davone for a loop when Tiffany revealed her age, but Davone began to call Tiffany her PYT (pretty young thing)! Sadly 2 months later Davone started to push Tiffany away because of the age factor. Davone and Tiffany eventually went separate ways and they both were saddened, because they knew deep down that they were perfect for each other.

A Second Chance at Love...
Davone: 2 years and a couple of emails, texts, and phone calls passed by, in June 2010, we ran into each other at a Pride event. As soon as we saw each other, the same feelings from 2 years ago came over us. We hugged each other and we instantly didn't want to let go. Tiffany sent me the sweetest text at 5AM when I got home saying that she was happy for me and the growth of my company and that I looked amazing. I immediately called her back and we had an hour long phone conversation at 5AM which was amazing and felt like we never left that moment in 2008. We went to dinner the very next, or I should say the same day and we were inseparable ever since.

We always talked about getting married like it was second nature but on a chilly evening in October Tiffany said lets go get our initials tattooed on our ring fingers to signify our love. We went to a tattoo parlor in Greenwich Village and got engaged. As flashy and over the top as I am, this was the most low key thing She has ever did, but it was the most emotional thing as well. It was as if Tiffany got down on one knee and asked me to be her wife, but we did it OUR WAY! We instantly went into planning mode for our wedding and that's where we are now. We are planning a huge Diamond winter wonderland theme wedding that will be taking place in December of 2011 in Long Island, NY. We will officially be getting married in Connecticut about a month before our huge NY ceremony. We are planning on honeymooning in St. Barts. After about a year of being married, Our plans are to expand our family and have a child.

About us as a couple:
We truly enjoy laughing together, laughing, shopping, traveling (Tiffany took Davone to Aruba for her birthday in September 2010), working on our weekly radio show Dollhouse Life Chat, going to Broadway and off Broadway shows and being pampered at spas. We also attend church weekly as our faith and spirituality is very strong to us and keeps our relationship grounded. We have date night once a week to take time out as a couple because our work schedules can get hectic at times. We both got a second chance at love and we vow to not let it go this time around.

A little bit more about Tiffany Jackson and Davone Madison:

Tiffany Jackson, New York City, is 29 years old and works as a computer engineer, Radio Talk show host and IT expert on the weekly internet talk show Dollhouse Life Chat Radio Show and is starting her own IT Consulting firm in 2011. She loves technology, sports, cars, and helping others in any way she can.

Davone Madison, New York City, is 37 years old and works as a finance supervisor for the federal government. She also CEO and founder of Dollhouse Enterprises Inc., social networking company for lesbians and bisexuals that has entities in NYC, NJ, ATL, TX, Philadelphia, and Canada. She is also owner of Dollhouse Media Group and host of Dollhouse Life Chat Radio Show, a weekly internet talk show. Davone will be appearing on TLC's show Say Yes To The Dress which will showcase her looking for the perfect wedding dress at the prestigious bridal shop Kleinfelds in NYC. She is the first African American lesbian to be featured on the show and the 3rd lesbian to be featured on the show in 6 seasons. The episode will be airing in April 2011.

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