Thursday, August 26, 2010

Thursday Blog Round-Up

Each Thursday, I will "round-up" the best blogs that are relevant to same-sex marriage in hopes that you will check the blogs out too!

Religion, Marriage and Equal Protection Under the Law
via Star Jones Blog
Ms. Star Jones, attorney and TV personality sums up very simply the divide between religious marital institutions and civil law.  It's a short blog but a good read nonetheless!

Road Trip via Equally Wed
I've always said that the commitment begins in the heart and the ceremony is simply the public proclamation of the commitment already sowed. Which is why I love the story of Beth Anne and Jennifer so much, they were together 10 years before officially walking down the aisle.  It's a heart warming story, and their children are just adorable!

Creating a Heart-Centered Commitment Ceremony, Part 2 via 10,000 Couples.
What moved me about this blog were simply these words "Don't choose people out of obligation (to be in your wedding party)...consider those people who are a deep and important part of the fabric of your life..."  How many of us have family who are not supportive that we are trying to fit into our wedding?  Isn't that more of a headache than a joy?  My new motto is, if they don't like it, I don't need them (at least not be a part of my wedding that is). Weddings are joyous times!

Oh, and as for the seemingly unrelated picture of Carrie from Sex In The City...I really like her dress.  AND good news you can actually snag a similar version from Net-A-Porter. The bad news is the price tag is a bit over $9,000.  *Sigh* But a gal can dream...

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