Monday, February 11, 2013

Do's and Don'ts for Your Rooftop Wedding

Rooftop weddings can be beautiful. Catch a stunning glimpse of a city skyline or overlook a sparkling blue ocean. You really have the chance to impress your guests (and take some awesome pictures) with a wedding on a rooftop. But before you book your ideal rooftop venue, we've got the scoop on some important tips every couple should know in planning a rooftop shindig.  We got a some help from planner Latoya Parnell of Something Blue Weddings for this piece.

Keep reading to learn the do's and don'ts of a rooftop wedding.

DO - Have a Plan B!! Mother Nature is a funny thing and unlike a tent which has covering a rooftop is open to the elements so unless you plan for the unexpected rainy day of having an inside space available you may be in a pretty pickle with nowhere to go.

DO - Consider an evening shindig. Nothing is more gorgeous, especially in the city than the illumination provided by the surrounding buildings.  This will give your wedding that extra ambiance and something special.  If you can catch sunset just in time to say "i do" that too would also make for stunning pictures. If you're having a rooftop wedding be sure to consider all the ways you can take advantage of the setting. Which brings us to...

DO - Remember that the sky is the limit. Play off the beautiful colors of the sky and the open airedness (I know this isn't a word. lol) or the space. Natural sunlight is a photographers best friend so let the world be your backdrop and try not to over decorate the space.

DON'T - Forget to check the sound. If you're having a wedding on a rooftop, chances are the wind is greater than on ground level plus with the other outside noises be sure to make sure you have the necessary equipment so that your guests can hear important announcements.

DON'T - Assume that everyone knows its your wedding day and will adjust their plans accordingly.  Flights are still scheduled (their path may be over your venue!) and other normal events will unfold. Some things, such as a plane flying overhead just as you say "i do" can be managed, by ensuring your wedding accounts for scheduled flights so you can plan around them.  Be sure to look into what other events are happening the day of your wedding, so there are no surprises!

And now, as a bonus, for our DC area couples (or those considering a DC wedding), here are 3 local venue options for a rooftop wedding.

Point of View - Rooftop Lounge, Washington, DC

Newseum - Washington, DC

Tabaq Bistro Resturant

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