Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Tossing The Garter...

We've all seen the traditional garter toss at weddings.  The groom removes the garter with his hands (or teeth) from the bride and tosses it into a crowd of single guys.  I've seen a few times where the groom goes up under the brides dress (use your imagination here) to retrieve the garter. Even though I've seen this done lots of times at straight weddings, I've never seen this does at a gay, let me be more specific, lesbian wedding. 

Personally, I am not interested in this at all.  After all, who would remove the garter? Would I wear a garter and my partner remove it? Or, would my partner wear one and I remove it? Or, do we both wear one and and remove it from each other? Yeah...either way, I'm just not interested in this for my wedding.

I read up on the history of this practice and it's kinda weird.  Looks like brides began to throw their garter to keep others from ripping their dress...strange, but true!

But for me...I'll pass on the garter toss.  How do you feel about this traditional practice?


  1. i kinda like it! since, i don't plan on being the one in a dress, i would be the one tossing the garter. any single gents are welcome to catch it! i also plan to jump the broom and folks pin money on the bride!

  2. I'll pass on this tradition. LOL I don't want anyone imagining anything. We're still trying to work out the kiss so it's not to "sexual". I like the practice though ;-)

  3. lol, i bet yall do! i like it but sweet could shut that down real quick.

  4. a kiss so that it's not "too sexual"...too sexual according to who? it's your party, do what you want to!!

    lol @Foxy...is Sweet on board with the garter toss??

  5. lol too sexual according to us. I'm not going to be "tonguing her down" at the show...that's for the afterparty. LMAO

  6. @Tamara...i see! i wonder how many other couples rehearse their kiss before the big day??