Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Love Story: Kaitlyn and Melissa of Baltimore, Maryland

Kaitlyn (24) and Melissa (26)
Baltimore, Maryland

Marriage Plans...

We are planning on getting married! We just got engaged on May 11, 2014 at a vineyard in central Virginia, and we are excitedly starting the wedding planning process. Our goal is to get married in August 2015, although we have a lot of details to sort out before picking our set date.

First Meeting...

Tell us briefly how you meet (your love story) and how long you've been together. -- We met online in late summer of 2013, so we've been together almost a year now. When we first started talking, we were emailing back and forth novels that took hours to write. For our first Skype date, I put on perfume and she ate a mint (we still laugh about the fact that we were both this nervous that we didn't think that these things didn't make sense for only a video date). We rearranged our schedules to meet in-person as soon as we could. We joke that we had the worst first date in history because we were both so nervous and not ourselves at all, but we had clicked so well talking that, thankfully, we went on a second date that was much better! We moved in together shortly after we began officially dating due to circumstances causing us both to need to move at the exact same time. She was living in New York, I was living in Virginia, and we ended up with an apartment in Maryland. We quickly adopted two dogs to grow our little family, and we just got engaged!

And, they attended Say I Do! Virginia!

Before we were engaged, I dragged her to the event in Northern Virginia. She was not in her zone at all, while I was having a blast decorating my own cupcake and chatting with vendors. We played up our differences, as we always do, and got some laughs from vendors who were amused by how unamused she was and how overly-enthusiastic I was. We actually ended up finding our photographer who we're now using through the event AND we won a gift card from one of the vendors, so I would say it was definitely worth it!

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