Saturday, March 8, 2014

Instructions: The Say I Do! First Look Giveaway

Enter to win 2 tickets to Say I Do! DC 2014!  We are giving you a first look at our 2014 event by revealing our 5 of our exhibitors. The good news is the 5 exhibitors we are revealing are returning exhibitors from our 2013, which should making guessing a little bit easier.

Correctly guess the vendor name and you will be entered to win tickets, it is that simple!

How to win:
1. We will post a clue that describes a Say I Do! 2014 vendor
2. We will link to our image gallery on Facebook where the vendor logo is located
3. Correctly guess the vendor using the clue and post it under status that provides the clue. Follow directions, clue may be posted on FB, Twitter or our blog. By correctly guessing the vendor you will be entered to win. Incorrect guesses are not eligible. Only one guess per person per day
4. We will announce one clue each day through Friday
5. The ticket winner will be announced by Thursday, March 20th

Visit us on Facebook for the first clue coming up on Monday, March 9th at 3pm EST.

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