Thursday, May 30, 2013

#10: You Can Stop Sneaking Now


 10. So you can stop sneaking...

We know you think you're good at concealing your wedding planning at work from your boss. We know you probably think sending links to co-workers and chatting on the phone with others about your wedding while at work has gone unnoticed.

As much as we hate to be the bearer of this news...your boss in all likelihood knows exactly what you're doing. Depending on your boss and where you work, that may be a good thing or it may be a not so good thing.

At Say I Do! we are bringing all of the vendors to you under one roof. Dessert tastings, wine and beer tastings, everything you need for your wedding in one big room. You can be assured that they are great at their craft, all you have to do is choose which vendors are right for your wedding.

We are saving you money, time, the headache and possibly your job.

So now that the cats out the bag, you are free to stop the whispered phone calls questioning potential photographers and venues. We know your lunch break isn't nearly long enough for you to visit the vendors you are interested in or complete a full cake tasting. Yes, it's frustrating, work gets in the way of planning your wedding :-) We can't tell your job to pay you for planning your wedding, but we can do most of the work for you and make it super easy to find and book your wedding vendors. That's what we've done at Say I Do!

Buy tickets to Say I Do! your boss will thank you...or thank us :-)

Get your tickets here:

Got your tickets? Great!
You are officially relieved of the nervous twitch you get when you're surfing the internet at work for wedding vendors and hear someone coming.

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