Sunday, July 29, 2012

Win A Signed Copy of the New Book, Girl In The Mirror!!

We are very excited to announce that YOU have the opportunity to win an autographed copy of the lesbian novel, Girl In The Mirror by Alix B. Golden!

Alix B. Golden, veteran blogger, candidly shares her life, viewpoints and outlook on her blog, A Brown Girl Gone Gay.  As a blogger, Alix writes about it all. She will give you brutally honest relationship advice while giving you insight into her own relationships. Her words are true and pure. Her words have often been compared to having a conversation with a friend. She invites you into her own reality.  Girl In The Mirror, is Golden's first novel, scheduled for release September 1st. But if you're reading this, you have a chance to win an autographed copy! Keep reading for a sneak peak into this awesome new book and enter to win a copy on the right hand side of this blog post!

About Girl In The Mirror
All Christen Calhoun really wants is to be a successful photographer, love a beautiful woman, and make her father proud, but easier said than done. When she graduates from Savannah State University, a dead end bank job isn’t what she had in mind. She stifles her creativity in bland business suits while her camera collects dust in the corner of her modest studio apartment.
Her inability to decipher lust from love often leaves her sexually satiated, but emotionally bereft. When her soul is drained, as well as her bank account, will she take the advice of her father, Pops Calhoun, and find a good man? When she no longer recognizes her own reflection, she realizes she isn’t willing to give up anymore of herself to earn approval from her father.
When Pop loses an unexpected battle with cancer, does she continue to push her dreams aside or is she finally honest with the girl in the mirror?


  1. Oh my word I am groupie! I'm a groupie!! I so want to win this. If it's anything like your blog then I have to have it :D

    1. Jini, it is very much like my blog! Good luck!