Thursday, May 3, 2012

Ask The Expert: Pro advice for your gay wedding

Let's face it, wedding planning can be challenging and most couples find themselves overwhelmed with questions and no answers.  Our "Ask The Expert" columns are here to help.  Experts provide answers to your most pressing wedding challenges.

Our first question comes from a bride who is having a commitment ceremony and not sure what to look for in an officiant or what the "correct" verbiage should be.  Our expert Reverend Starlene Joyner Burns who has over 8 years experience as a wedding officiant answers our brides' question below

I live in a state where gay marriage isn't legal, so I will be having a commitment ceremony instead of a wedding. Being as how it's a commitment ceremony and not a legal marriage are there do's and dont's for the ceremony part of it?

-Tongue Tied Bride


  1. Don't hire an officiant who does not know the legalities of officiating a commitment ceremony.
  2. During your vows and the ceremony the following words cannot be use in addressing you, your partner or your event: marriage, wife, husband, or any euphemism of husband or wife.
I hope that helps.

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