Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Wedding Design

Dessert Tables...YES!
If you've read Gay Wedding, Small Budget you know that I believe that small weddings and small budgets does not mean you have to sacrifice having the wedding of your dreams. Sure, you may have to get creative, sure some items may just be too pricey for your budget.  But this doesn't mean that your wedding will be any less fab.

I think that seeing is believing! Here are some great visuals of small weddings and small budgets that I think is simply divine!

LOVE LOVE LOVE this spiral ceremony set up!
Did I say I LOVE This???????

Love the flowers creating the circle of love...i'm pretty
sure there is a technical name for it, but i don't know what it is!

These are programs...yes, yes, I know! Too cute!

The above images are from http://justchicevents.wordpress.com.

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