Tuesday, December 14, 2010

It's Freezing

It is beyond a shadow of a doubt, bitter freezing cold out.Despite the temperature reading at 21 degrees, with the wind factor, it seems like about 8 degrees. If you are reading this blog from a warm climate, please send some sun and warmth this way. If you're in one of those states were it's a lot colder than here in the DC area, I really don't understand how you cope.

Makes me wonder about winter weddings. No, not "winter" weddings in sunny California. I'm talking about winter weddings in places like Boston or Ohio where it is cold to the bone. I've found lots of stuff and pictures online about winter weddings. Many great ideas and pictures mainly featuring straight couples (if you have any winter wedding pictures featuring same-sex couples, I would love to feature them)!

But here is some inspiration for winter weddings. I love these pictures because it makes you feel all warm on the inside :-) Enjoy!

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